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                          Lizhao used a superb electrical CAD software, SuperWORKS, to change the way hundreds of thousands of Chinese electrical engineers work and drive industrial electrical manufacturing. From the manual drawing to the drawing with a computer.
                          Today, Lichi is committed to building an industrial electric digital cloud service platform to redefine the work of electrical engineers, redefine the manufacture of electrical equipment, redefine the marketing of electrical products, and promote the digitization of the industrial electrical industry.

                          • Dhub Enterprise Shared Data Center
                            Dhub Enterprise Shared Data Center
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                          • Design Software - SuperWORKS Automation Edition
                            Design Software - SuperWORKS Automation Edition
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                          • Quotation Software - ExWinner
                            Quotation Software - ExWinner
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                          • Underline Software - SuperHarness
                            Underline Software - SuperHarness
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                          New Product Launch Invitation

                          On May 17, Lichi and Xiamen"s leading wire harness equipment supplier Xiamen Haipu Rui Technology Co., Ltd. released a new product, launched a cost-effective, more complete automatic off-line equipment HPC-6040.

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